Excerpt from Bernard’s Official Website:

Herman Bernard founded Bernards Inc. in 1983 after he sold his interest in High Point based TV Cabinet resource Case Casard. Due to serious health issues, Bernard sold his company to a Massachusetts investor, Robert Metzger, who in turn sold an interest in the business each to Dale Ward and Jeff Friedman.

Dale Ward, a former Klaussner sales representative, joined Bernards in 1990 as sales manager.

Jeff Friedman, who owned stake in U.S. Furniture Industries and is the grandson of the company’s founder, joined Bernards a year later to handle product development and overseas sourcing.

In 2006, Dale Ward and Jeff Friedman bought Bernards Inc. The company sources its product from Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and other countries. It sells to more than 2500 retailers with its largest accounts in the Southeast.

Daniel and Janet Lim purchased Bernards Inc. and renamed the company to Bernards Furniture Group in 2015. Daniel Lim and Steven Lim serve as the new company executives, with Jeff Friedman and Dale Ward remaining with the company as senior vice presidents. The Lim family owns and operates a large portfolio of furniture companies, with Bernards being the newest addition.

Our goal remains to have each and every item in stock to serve you, our dealers, so that you in turn can service your customer. Along with our outstanding internal customer service staff and outside sales representatives, we will continue to keep a forward vision to remain your one stop furniture source!

Thank you for your loyalty as we strive to attain our number one goal: your satisfaction.